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Advanced Off-Leash-Academy

Advanced Off-Leash-Academy

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Get a perfectly off leash trained dog in 4 weeks with our 30 Days step-by-step off leash training plan!

Scientific studies show that off leash trained dogs have a much higher life expectancy because they experience far lower stress levels than other dogs!

Enhance your own quality of life by giving your dog more freedom without risking his safety!

With our Advanced Off Leash Training 2.0 you will learn how to:

         ✔️ make your dog stay in non fenced areas, even if you’re not around
         ✔️ take your dog on your daily walks without the leash and the collar
         ✔️ teach your dog every basic command off leash! (without treats)
         ✔️ give your dog the greatest reward possible: FREEDOM!
         ✔️ wean your dog off the leash and the collar
         ✔️ prevent your dog from being collar smart

Our Dog Training Academy 2.0 and this Advanced Off Leash Academy is all you need to get a perfect dog in a matter of weeks!